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Our Elections ("choices")

The elections (בחירות, literally also means: "choices") are not over today. We make choices every moment of our lives, and not just once every four years, faced with piles of notes in the ballot box. We've heard the word "choosing" in it's different conjugations numerous times in the past few months, but it was solely in the context of voting. So alongside all the political commentaries and interviews and endless streams of words that we are exposed to these days - here is an ancient, wonderful quote, which is more relevant than ever, about our constant choices.

Thus writes the Rambam (Maimonides): "Every person has free choice: if a person wants to lead himself in a good way and be righteous, he has the choice to do so; and if he wants to lead himself in a bad way and be wicked, he has the choice to do so. There is no one who would force him or decree upon him or pull him in one of the two ways. Rather, it is he, of himself and of his own reasoning, who leads himself any way that he wants. And this principle is a great principle, and it is the pillar of Torah and Mitzvah... We should know beyond any doubt, that man's deeds and actions are in man's hands."
Good elections!


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