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No one has to donate a kidney

• Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

What is your advice for us? What is your most important message for teenage girls regarding the pandemic? These were the questions asked by girls who participated in a meeting we held yesterday with Rachel Hever, chairwoman of the Matnat Chinam (Gift of Life) organization for kidney donations. Here are some of Rachel's thoughts:

• "We never try to convince anyone to donate a kidney. We only describe the current reality and talk about what can be done. Remember: it's impossible to force people to do good. Goodness is within us; it just needs to flow out. We simply need to want to do a favor for someone other than ourselves."

• "I recommend that girls take upon themselves the mitzvah of making a decision to do a little something good each day that no one knows about. For instance, right now during the lockdown: if your sister left a piece of clothing on the floor, fold it up and put it back in the closet. Without saying anything to anyone. Simply practice doing something like this every day."

• "My husband established this organization and died from the coronavirus. Since he passed away, we see that he is helping us from above since there are more and more kidney donations. He always used to tell me: 'Don't reject suffering.' If something bad happens, do not reject or ignore it, but try to see what can be learned and how you can grow from it. Since his death I have been reminded of this thought many times and recommend to everyone not to reject our present hardship, but rather see what lessons can be drawn from it."

• "I do not think that everyone needs to donate a kidney, but everyone is able to donate something. You can donate an ear – to listen to friends. You can donate a heart – to be sensitive and considerate. You can donate an eye – to see everything in a positive light."


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