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Mazal Tov from Australia to America

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

"Shalom Sivan, It seems to me that this story needs to be heard. My name is Dror Proctor, an emissary of Torah MiTzion in Perth, Australia. The corona situation here is very good, thank God, and we are able to pray in a regular minyan at the 'Carmel' Jewish school. Several days ago a girl was born in Baltimore in the United States to a family we did not know. The parents, Ari and Sara Stern, were not able to give her a name in their synagogue because everything over there is still in lockdown. They searched for a place somewhere in the world with a regular minyan and they reached us. This was amazing. The parents were with us in a video chat throughout the prayer service and then announced their daughter's name: Liba. Forty students in a school at one end of the earth were concerned and praying and happy for a baby girl just born at the other end of the earth and these students were the first to hear what the girl's name would be. This was a moment that none of us will every forget. We speak a lot about solidarity and that we are all part of the same human tapestry. We speak about the deep connection we have with every Jew. But it takes an event like this to evoke that special feeling no words can describe."


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