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Loving your fellow as yourself: All it takes is a little concern

Translation by Yehoshua Siskiin
"Shalom Sivan, This is Idit Shalev. Today is the 24th anniversary of the passing away of *Yemima Avital*, who developed the famous Yemima Method.
When I first came to study with her in Herzliya I noticed the big sign that hung in the room with the words: 'And you shall love your fellow as yourself.' Rabbi Akiva said of this demand that it was 'a great principle in the Torah,' and Yemima taught us how to apply it in our everyday lives.
One of the important things she told us was that *'spirituality is showing even a little bit of concern for another human being.'* Every little bit counts.
'For example,' she said, 'when your child comes home from school and throws his backpack on the floor, if we succeed in taking a deep breath before reacting -- that's "And you shall love your fellow as yourself."'
'When your neighbor briefly blocks the entrance to your parking lot while she runs to get something she forgot at the exact moment that you come home from an exhausting day at work but you succeed in waiting calmly for her for two minutes -- that's "And you shall love your fellow as yourself."
'When someone dear to you is sick and it's too much for you to visit them right now, but you send them a WhatsApp message of concern asking how they are -- that's "And you shall love your fellow as yourself.'"
Yemima taught us that sometimes a small gesture showing another that they are important to us transforms this principle -- 'And you shall love your fellow as yourself' -- into something that can be done immediately, but with lasting effect.
'In every situation, all of us can choose to react with a little more consideration and love. Spirituality is showing just a little bit of concern for another human being.'
In her memory."


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