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Kaddish for every Kadosh

המשפחה של ניתאי מייזליס

* Translation by Yehoshua Siskin ([email protected])

“Shalom Sivan, I am Eitan, father of Nitai Meisels, may his memory be a blessing, from Rehovot, who fell while fighting in Gaza. Recently you shared the story of Ortal Blich who requested that Kaddish be recited for her husband, Vadim Blich, who fell on Simchat Torah in Kibbutz Be’eri.

A new project called Kaddish for every Kadosh (holy soul), initiated by Dror David Amos, shared Ortal’s request. The essence of this project is to match a volunteer with someone murdered or killed in battle during this war.

‘By chance’ I was the one who answered Ortal’s request. I read the story and the detail’s of Vadim’s life, was drawn to his character and his heroism, and have already been saying Kaddish for him for two months, three times a day, at the morning, afternoon, and evening prayer.

And then our Nitai fell in battle. This week Ortal came to our home in Rehovot to comfort us, and it was a most inspiring and heartfelt meeting.

I am writing this not only to tell our story, but in order to publicize the project: Hundreds are still needed to say Kaddish for victims of the war. There are those who were murdered or fell in battle whose families want someone to say Kaddish for them. And more volunteers are needed for this holy task.

Jews in the Diaspora can also help. Volunteering to say Kaddish for the war’s victims is an expression of true lovingkindness, both for the living and the dead, and a bond between the religious and the non observant is often created in this way.

May everyone hear good news,

Eitan Meisels.

Thank you Eitan. May all the words of the Kaddish come quickly to pass, down to the last line:
“May He Who makes peace in the heavens make peace peace for us and for all of Israel, and say, Amen.”

Details on “Kaddish for every Kadosh” are here:


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