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If reality can change at any moment . . . why not now?

לוסי די ובנותיה

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

The Seventh day of the Pesach holiday will commence shortly after the funeral of Lucy Dee. Two days after daughters Rina and Maia were laid to rest, their mother Lucy will join them. It's impossible to accept a reality in which a mother and her daughters take a trip up north and are murdered in their car along the way.
The Seventh day of Pesach reminds us that there are times when reality can -- and must -- change and that there is never room for despair. This is the holiday that commemorates the crossing of the Red Sea and the Song of the Sea that was sung after our miraculous deliverance. This holiday teaches that even when all seems lost, there is always a way out. It did not matter that the Egyptian army was on one side and the Red Sea was on the other. As the children of Israel walked towards the waters, they parted, only to close up again and drown the pursuing enemy.
Reality can change. Sometimes, reality must change. Whether at the crossing of the Red Sea or today, such a change is always possible when you have faith.
Our commentators tell us, as a nation, to imagine that all the troubles that beset us suddenly drown and disappear as we move towards the final redemption.
Similarly, on a personal level, everyone has an "Egypt" to overcome, but the sea can suddenly split and the desired change can happen at any moment.
May we be privileged to experience such change in every area of life and may we hear only good news. Chag sameach.


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