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Holding a Seder - Creating Order

Tomorrow night it arrives. Millions of Jews will sit around the Seder table. There are many mystical descriptions of what takes place on that night, a lot of deep commentaries, but here are a few simple, beautiful, contemporary words, written by Rabbi Chaim Navon:

"Leil-HaSeder teaches us that we are not what we thought we were. The age of rating-oriented chatter has misled us into thinking that we are addicted media consumers, that we are innovative and cool, that we are restless party people, that our children are small, bored tyrants. And suddenly, on Leil HaSeder, between the jokes about the Matzah and Harosset and the complaints about the overly cramped family get together, we find out who we really are: the children of Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaacov, who more than anything yearn to share with our children the secret of the eternal covenant, which our parents shared with us. We shed a tear in secret when we remember our grandfathers from the past, and another tear when we dream about our grandchildren from the future. There is a lot of mess around the table that night, but in our minds - it creates order."


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