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From the Mountain to Life

מההר אל החיים

Do you want to do great things? Start with the small details. A moment after the Ten Commandments, after the historic Mt. Sinai event, begins the Mishpatim Portion. Fifty-three (!) different Mitzvot are in it, and they deal with the tiniest details in our lives. That is, after the big drama, after the thunder and lightning, we translate the great principles into the most practical things. The Portion deals extensively with our attitude towards violence, bribery, returning a lost object to its owner, eating, holidays, Shabbat, Eretz Israel, our attitude towards widows and orphans, and a lot more. High, exalted ideas are important - but without the tiniest details of what's permitted and what's forbidden, of how much, how and why - we cannot move forward. It is true in regard to everything in life. The first impression and enthusiasm may dissipate if we do not think how to preserve them


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