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Freedom is...

So how does a person who goes out from slavery to freedom look like? Rabbi Eyal Vered explains in a short paragraph that he wrote, how, in his opinion, someone who is not enslaved behaves:

"Freedom - is to know the red little button that turns things off, and to use it.
Freedom - is the ability not to hear and not to read Lashon HaRah (evil tongue), even though everyone speaks like this and it bubbles in all websites.
Freedom - is the ability to tell your employer that you also have a wife and children, and therefore you cannot work around the clock, leaving when the kids are asleep and returning home when they are asleep, because you have other things in life. And before the employer - freedom is to tell it to yourself.
Freedom - is to know how to live off the money we have, not from the money we do not have (freedom from overdraft, in simple words).
Freedom - is to keep the body free and not to burden it with many unnecessary kilograms which make moving and flexibility harder for it and turn us into slaves who are jailed in our own jail, motionless and heavily breathing when we climb the stairs.
Freedom - is to keep the soul free, clean and not dazzled by improper sights. Or in simple words, to gaurd our eyes.
Freedom - is the ability to keep silent, not to react to everything. To keep the mouth closed during an argument.
Freedom - is to stop for a pedestrian who wants to cross the street, and let him cross safely. And also let a driver - who made a mistake and is now trying to get into your lane - do it peacefully. A free person does not honk furiously for a car that stopped one second too many at the red light. He signals gently with his indicator lights.
Freedom - is to look at our precious country with a good eye and not to fall into the pit of complaining and bitterness, but to be happy, to be thankful and to fix things.
Freedom is not a statue, the statue of liberty, but an essence. It is the gist, the essence of our personal and national character."


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