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Five aspects of today, the 7th of Adar

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

1. Today is the 7th of Adar. It's the day Moshe Rabbeinu was born as well as the day he passed away. Notice that when we say his name, we invariably declare that he is the rabbi of all of us: Moshe Rabbeinu, meaning "Moshe our rabbi."
2. Moshe, our greatest leader and the most influential individual in human history, is described in the Torah as a modest and humble man, who was "slow of speech and of a slow tongue." In other words, he had a speech disorder. This raises the question: Today, would we choose to follow a non-charismatic leader with a speech impediment? Do we pay attention to a person's inner strength of character and true convictions or to their outer appearance and speaking ability?
3. Did he fulfill his life's mission? Moshe led the people in the desert for forty years, but was not himself privileged to hear the words: "You have arrived at your destination." His life teaches us that there is significance not only in our own accomplishments, but in what happens along the way -- in the desire, effort, and hope that we inspire. And perhaps the journey and the mission on which we embark will be completed by others.
4. Political, economic, and military leaders are important. Ultimately, however, a teacher and educator of the people has more influence than any of them.
5. Since it's not known where Moshe Rabbeinu is buried, the anniversary of his death has become a day of remembrance for all those who fell in Israel's wars but did not have or have not yet had a proper burial. This is the day to remember Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul -- who fell in battle in Gaza in 2014 and whose bodies have yet to be returned -- and other casualties of war who are still missing.


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