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Finding Light in Reality

רעיון לחנוכה

The Daily Portion this morning was written by Ori Kotler, a commander in the advanced training Rotem Unit of the Giv'ati Brigade:

There is a famous phrase which states that if you have a hammer in your hand, everything in the world looks like a nail to you. So how would the world look to us if we hold a candle in our hand? This is the purpose of Hanukkah, to educate us to find the light in every thing and in every person, to see the reality on a deeper level, to discover the secret that is within it. Rabbi Yaacov Moshe Charlap explains that we must take this principle from Hanukkah for the rest of the year. And so writes Rabbi Charlap:

"These days, the eight days of Hanukkah, which were set as days of praising and thanking, days of marveling - marveling at the sublimity of every Mitzvah, at the majesty of sanctity, these days are the origin of all the marveling which we will experience throughout the year. Every marvel which brings with it greatness - is taken from Hanukkah."

The ability to marvel and be excited about every point of light in the Torah, about every point of light during the year - is supposed to be like a candle before our feet.


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