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Devotion in death, as in life

עידו שקיבל תרומת כלייה מרסן עמישר בן דוד היד

* Translation by Yehoshua Siskin ([email protected])

It is difficult to describe in words this extraordinary meeting. Major Amishar Ben-David fell in battle in Gaza. His family, while sitting Shiva, received a condolence visit from a special guest, Ido Yogev, to whom Amishar had donated a kidney several year ago. The following inspiring remarks were heard during the meeting:

Shlomit, Amishar’s wife, said to Ido and to his family: “You do not have to say thank you to us since we are also grateful to you. You have no idea how much happiness you gave him. Amishar was so happy during the time that he donated his kidney, just like at his wedding, He positively glowed from happiness.”

Ayelet, Amishar’s sister, said to Ido: “He was a wonderful brother, so good and caring. Now all of his goodness is inside of you. This goodness is yours. You have within you a piece of Amishar.”

Without advance notice, Rebbetzin Rachel Haber arrived. She is head of the “Matnat Chaim” (Gift of Life) organization, which has arranged hundreds of kidney donations, including this one. The rebbetzin said: “I asked him to explain his special name and he replied: ‘Amishar — my people Israel sing.’ He truly lived a life of song, of giving. He not only died out of devotion to his people, but lived with this devotion too.”


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