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Chuppah Rina

Tanslation by Yehoshua Siskin

The wedding of Naama Ben-Chaim and Alon Elyada as they approached the age of 40 was most stirring in its own right. But then the special chuppah under which they wed was revealed. Friends of Rina Shnerb - who was murdered in a terrorist attack two years ago - had embroidered it in her memory. And like every couple married beneath this chuppah, Naama and Alon received a personal letter from the Shnerb family that was read while they stood under it:

"Dear Naama and Alon,

When a baby is born we wish for the parents that 'they will be privileged to raise him to enter into Torah, chuppah, and good deeds.' Baruch HaShem, we were privileged to see Rina grow in Torah and good deeds. To our dismay, we were not privileged to see her under the chuppah. In your merit, and in the merit of all the couples who marry under 'Chuppah Rina,' we are privileged to see her, in a way, under the chuppah, too.

The idea behind a wedding and establishing a Jewish home is the continuity of the nation of israel. Rina was not privileged in this respect, but the nation of Israel has merited to continue along this path. It does so despite our enemies that wish to destroy us, to make us despair and weaken us. Yet not only do we never falter, but we continue forward, with awesome strength. Another couple marries, another home is established, the nation of Israel lives.

We wish that your home will be filled with sounds of gladness, jubilation, cheer, and delight, love and friendship, peace and fellowship. Mazel tov from the Shnerb family."


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