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A little story about Eli Kay z"l

"Shalom Sivan, my name is Barak Pitusi. I must tell you an incredible story that happened today. Actually, it did not happen today but on Erev Shavuot. I was buying a pair of shoes in a Jerusalem store. When I went to pay, I had credit card problems. It's Erev Chag, many people are waiting in line, the cashier keeps trying to process my card, and I am at a loss as to what to do. Just then, a young man standing behind me gently offers to pay for the shoes. 'Look, people are waiting, I will pay, and you can send me the money when you get home,' he says.

"I wrote down his name and his phone number. I told him to wait a moment and I would have my wife send him the money since I did not have the app for money transfer. 'That's ridiculous,' he said. 'It's totally okay. Send me the money, at your leisure, when you get home.' I thanked him from the bottom of my heart and we parted.

"I forgot about all of this, including the name of the young man. But then suddenly this evening my wife tells me: 'Do you remember that you were buying shoes when a young man paid for you? Do you remember his name? Look at this picture on WhatsApp. That's Eli Kay, the oleh chadash, the lone soldier who was killed in a terrorist attack at the Kotel.' I look at the picture and everything falls into place . . . that he radiated so much goodness, confidence, gentleness, and friendliness, as I recalled the wonderful message he sent back after he received the money: 'Thank you precious person.'

"It would make me happy if you would publish this story for the sake of his soul's ascent, and for the benefit of his family and friends."


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