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Winner of World Bible Quiz has something to say to us

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

I have a news scoop regarding this year's winner of the World Bible Quiz: he competed in the competition four (!) times. I called Gilad Avrahamoff, 17 years old, from Netanya, in order to hear all the details. He competed in 9th grade and took 9th place in the regional quiz. In 10th grade, he tried again and took 3rd place in the regional quiz. But he did not give up and wanted to try again. However, because of the coronavirus, they restricted the number of participants and he was left behind. He thought about leaving the competition, but decided to go for it a fourth time. As a result, Gilad is the winner of the World Bible Quiz. I asked him what kept him going and he quoted three Bible passages to explain how he prevailed despite several disappointing setbacks.

"Because I have fallen, I will rise" – (Micah 7:8) "If you draw the proper conclusions from each time you fail, you will learn that failure is a prerequisite for success".

• "A continuous fire shall burn upon the altar; it shall not go out" – (Leviticus 6:6) "It's unrealistic to begin studying for the Bible quiz a month before the competition. You need to study all year long. So what's important is not finding the best study guide, but perseverance - 'a continuous fire.'"

• "For it is your life" – (Deuteronomy 32:47) "The Tanach (Bible) is our book, our foundation, our common language, our compass. The entire world draws inspiration from it. In any case, it's found on a shelf in all our homes, and I recommend that everyone should read it. Walk in the Land of Israel with Avraham, cross the Jordan River with Yehoshua, rejoice in Yeshayahu's prophecy of Jerusalem's revival, grow wise with the brilliant proverbs of King Solomon, return with Naomi and Ruth from Moav to Bethlehem, rebuild the walls of Jerusalem with Nehemiah. The Tanach is the only book from which a child in kindergarten and a professor in a university can both learn and then learn some more, not in order to win a Bible quiz but in order to enjoy a much greater privilege: a connection with eternity."


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