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What's your daily?

אודי טנא ובנו יאיר עם המשניות

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

"Shalom Sivan, This is Udi Tenne. Three years ago, when my son Yair was in kindergarten we began to learn a daily Mishnah together. This was done from the belief that good habits, especially when ingrained at a very young age, will have a positive influence for years to come. A short time later we were driving and heard a radio program broadcast by yourself and Yedidya. You said that everyone needs a daily commitment so that they have an answer to the question: What's your daily? A daily page of Gemara, a daily Mishnah, a daily halacha. . . and Yedidya said that whoever learns two Mishnahs a day will complete all six orders or divisions of the Mishnah within five years. Yair and I looked at each other and said: Let's do it. We increased our daily commitment to two Mishnayot.

Racheli Shtruli, Yair's teacher, began to make a little party in class each time Yair and I finished a tractate. He had more and more parties, which influenced other children to start learning Mishnah too. This week Yair Tenne, a graduate of second grade in the Segula School in Bnei Brak, finished the entire Order of Zeraim (agricultural laws). The Mishnah includes a total of six orders, and one order is completely behind us now, coinciding exactly with Yair's eighth birthday.

As someone who makes a living as a media consultant, I live from one crisis to the next. I run from client to client, from event to event. I enjoy this chaotic life but our daily study each morning anchors me. With God's help, Yair and I will continue in this commitment and, knowing what daily study has added to our lives, we call out to one and all and ask: What's your daily?"


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