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What really matters?

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

So the new order of the day in Israel is not to allow more than 100 people at any gathering. And despite all the accompanying disappointment and all the jokes and black humor, the most important thing in life is suddenly revealed:

I have seen many posts from people who worked on events for months and now must postpone everything, but they always end with "health above all" and "let's hope we meet happily again soon."

Couples that dreamed about their wedding and prepared every detail suddenly need to scale down the event but "even if we are less than 100 people, we're still getting married on Sunday, and that's what matters."

People bored and depressed in quarantine are already counting the days, but we are hearing about how so many were moved from simple yet caring gestures of reaching out and love: to open the door of the quarantine room on Purim and to find a basket of Mishloach Manot outside that was left by friends.

Families set to spend Pesach in Europe understand that they now need to start cleaning the house since "we will experience leaving Egypt in Eretz Yisrael for a change."..

Quarantined classrooms that are now learning online open each day, after taking attendance, with the sight of their teacher smiling on the screen. Then the students open their books and their notebooks and studiously continue to learn, no matter what.

This is a difficult time, but it forces us to pause and reflect on our lives, and to focus for the moment on what is most important and precious and holy, what cannot be interrupted or delayed.


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