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What do we take with us from Shabbat?


Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

I just spent a wonderful Shabbat in Jerusalem in the company of students from throughout Israel as part of the "Nefesh Yehudi" (Jewish Soul) project. It began with a huge Kabbalat Shabbat (welcoming Shabbat service) at the Western Wall where a large collection of women who had never met before sang and prayed together. We spent the night in a hotel with no vacant rooms due to the throng of Israeli and foreign tourists who were staying there. (I met groups from Texas, Panama, and Spain.) Here's a thought from Rebbe Nachman of Breslav that we spoke about on Shabbat:

Shabbat does not only last 25 hours; Shabbat reverberates throughout the entire week and is meant to favorably influence our six days of work and other activities. The inspiration we absorbed on Shabbat is supposed to find expression on Monday and Wednesday too, and last until the following Shabbat.

So what can we take from Shabbat for the entire week? How will we be reminded in the coming week of Shabbat in order that the beauty of this special day will endure for the next six?

Shavua tov.


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