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What Affects Us Most?

It is difficult for us when our spouse is not happy with us, and Korach's wife wasn't happy. She thought that her husband had to receive a much higher-level role. Day and night, she dripped this venom in his ears: See the roles that Moshe and Aaron, your relatives, have, and see where you are. Move forward in life already! From here, things started going downhill, and fast. Korach declared a rebellion, and fell into the abyss of total denial of the Torah and of Moshe Rabbenu's role.

But in the Portion, there is another character of a wife, a totally different one: Ohn ben Pelet's wife. Ohn himself had already been carried into the dispute led by Korach, and was no longer able to look at things from the outside, with discernment. Here his wife played a reverse role to that of Korach's wife, and managed with her wisdom to leave him out of the story. When Korach and his friends were swallowed up by the earth at the end of the tragic dispute, Ohn slept in his tent and stayed alive.
Usually, when people talk about the Korach affair, they talk about the big things - dispute, peace, envy, faith. But between the lines, we may discover that which exerts the biggest influence upon us in life: the messages that our partners convey to us, the atmosphere at home and where it directs us, and the things that we say after a day of work, when the door of our home is closed, in the small talk in the living room and in the kitchen.


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