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We Continue with the Torah

צילום: פלאש90
"The whole Torah learnt by millions of Jews around the world during the Holiday of Shavuot can be saved onto one computer file, and not even a big one", writes Rabbi Menny Even-Israel. "And in fact, the entire Torah can be saved today on one virtual server, from which the information can be retrieved when needed. So what is the point of memorizing this material? Why do people sit and study these texts, without even getting anything in return, without getting any degree for studying them?"
Here is his answer and advice to all of us on this day - the day following Chag Matan Torah (the holiday of the Giving of the Torah): "The Torah offers us a new idea: studying for the sake of studying. In a competitive world like ours it is indeed unusual, but the Torah is not information. It is identity. It demands not just our brains, but our hearts. It makes us investigate, challenge ourselves, be creative. It connects us to ourselves and to the Giver of the Torah. Therefore, the big challenge comes the day after Shavuot - how do we continue this connection? In the past, in the desert, after the giving of the Torah, the children of Israel were confused and made the golden calf. We must think today how to channel the peak of the holiday of Shavuot into a positive place. For weeks we counted and got ready, and just like a couple who prepared for their wedding, we can find ourselves the day after the Chuppah living a grey routine. I suggest that everybody check which part of the Torah they especially relate to, what gives them strength and meaning - and decide that they continue with that for the entire year."


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