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Two examples of being a miracle in someone’s life‏‏

אחת המעטפות שקיבל הילד מקרית שמונה

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

After Rabbi Zalman Vishetsky’s idea that one person can be a miracle in the life of another was published here, I was flooded with stories off miracles. Here are two of them that can serve as examples of miracles within humanity, which we ourselves create by helping our fellow man:
* “In our neighborhood there is a group of kids that hang around and make mischief every night. The day before a recent holiday, I needed additional help for my grocery store. I suggested to one of these kids that he carry some boxes for me and I would pay him for several hours of work. I immediately regretted the suggestion since, up close, he looked almost like a criminal. To my surprise, he took the job seriously and did outstanding work. I gave him more and more jobs to do and now he is the supervisor of the evening shift at the store and my right hand man. Lately he told me that he feels that a miracle happened to him. I went home with the feeling that I was his miracle.”
Mazal Malka, supervisor of the municipal call center in Kiryat Shmona, wrote me as follows:
“A 13-year-old boy was on his way to boarding school with a suitcase containing many valuable items. He left the suitcase at a bus stop while he ran home to get something. He was gone for only a minute but when he returned his suitcase was gone. His mother contacted the call center, we checked surveillance cameras in the area, and published what had happened on social media. The suitcase was not found, but the residents of Kiryat Shmona got together and gifted a suitcase to the boy, as well as a personal computer, miscellaneous gear, and many valuable accessories. His smile in response to such generosity was worth everything to those who had helped. Today I read in the Daily Portion how we can be the miracle in someone else’s life. I then recalled how, after the boy’s suitcase and valuables were restored, his mother said to me:
‘You are our miracle.’”
May we all merit to notice opportunities to be a miracle in someone’s life.


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