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To Fix the World

הרבי מלובביץ׳ זצ"ל
צילום: מתוך אתר חב"ד

A quarter of a century has passed. This coming Shabbat will be the 25th Yahrzeit of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. The mission and legacy he left for us is more relevant than ever: to touch every soul, to fix the world and to realize that every single person is an emissary. Here are just four very empowering quotes from the new book, "What I Learned from the Rebbe":

  • "G-d created the world so that every person would have their own unique appearance, and it can't be that two creatures can be completely identical. The reason for this is that every creature has a personal role that does not belong to another, and this role is essential in fulfilling the purpose of Creation."
  • To a sick person, he once wrote: "There is a well-known Hasidic saying: Think good - and it will be good. Seemingly, one should hold off in rejoicing until one's health condition is ameliorated, and then one can rejoice. But the opposite is true: The right thing to do is to first rejoice, and this in itself will bring about the improvement in one's health."
  • To a person who had just retired, he wrote: "Retiring from work is applicable only for material matters, only for business and parnassah. But it is important to know that one can never retire from one's spiritual work and toil. This is a mission for life, and it can only be accelerated now that you have retired."
  • "Avraham Avinu did not give any weight to the popular opinions of his time, and not only did he educate his family to be the same, but he also made his faith known throughout the world, and in response, the nations of the world respected and appreciated him. When we know who we are and respect ourselves - we will be able to see with our own eyes how the nations around us respect us."


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