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To come together on happy occasions, too

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

"Shalom Sivan, my name is Yakir. I am 26 years old and I run a photography business with my partner, Meor. After the Meron tragedy we felt that we had to do something. Just as we were, in jeans and T-shirts, we went to visit the Englander family, a Chasidic family from Jerusalem that lost two of its children: 14-year-old Moshe and 9-year-old Yehoshua.

We met there the father, Rabbi Yizchak, who was extremely moved that we came, and he said that we gave him strength. When we parted, he told us that the nation of Israel does not need to come together only when disasters happen, but also on happy occasions. I remembered well this beautiful thought.

Suddenly, this week, I was taken by surprise upon receiving a message that a son had been born to the Englander family. Rabbi Yitzchak reminded me that I was to be present on their happy occasions, too, and invited me to the brit milah, a harbinger of new life for the family and a consolation for last year's tragedy as well. The previous time we met, the family members sat on mourners' stools; this time we met and embraced, we danced and sang together. 'And his name in Israel shall be called: Yosef Naftali.'

When we parted following the brit, I told Rabbi Yitzchak that now it was my turn to invite him to my own happy occasions, and he agreed that he would come. Here I am attaching the poignant invitation to the brit of his son, that was not only a brit milah, but a reminder of the brit (covenant promise) between us."


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