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Three ingredients of success

אסי צובל

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

Here are three thought-provoking comments that I heard from Asi Tzobel, the actor seen on a popular Israeli children's program, in a Zoom presentation yesterday:

"I remember when I began to act and I had my first 100 views on YouTube. 100 views! Today this sounds ridiculous, but do you know how I celebrated? I think this is significant. I don't care how many views other people get; what's important is that I celebrate my own success, no matter how little -- in comparison to others -- it may seem to be."

"It's not the most talented who succeeds, but the most persistent. Talent may bring you to the summit, but without persistence you won't stay there. The idea is to continue to study, to exert yourself, to put in the work."

"At the start of the pandemic, I hid from my children in the kitchen and I shed tears. All my performances were canceled and I saw nothing promising on the horizon. As long as I focused only on myself, I found no solution to my predicament. The moment I started to think about others, about the audience, and less about myself, everything changed. I understood how difficult it was for everyone locked down at home, so we performed a Hanukkah play on Zoom that was a huge success. But this happened only when I stopped thinking about my own distress and started to think about the plight of other people."

Thank you, Asi. I believe these thoughts are highly beneficial not only to other actors, but to the rest of us too.


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