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Thoughts on the arba'at haminim (4 species) marke

צילום: פלאש90

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

Last night we visited the arba'at haminim market in Kfar Chabad. With what did I leave besides a set of arba'at haminim for our family?

I saw intensive activity in preparation for the holiday. Hundreds of people were shopping for lulav, hadas (myrtle), arava (willow), and etrog with great enthusiasm and joy as Sukkot approaches. Questions were being asked, careful inspection was going on, and hesitation about buying decisions was evident.

I saw unity. Chasidim in Shabbat clothes next to a young guy in a T-shirt and flip flops choosing for themselves and their family a set of arba'at haminim.

I saw many children with a sparkle in their eyes because, in the end, despite all of our gadgets, the etrog is the most exciting gadget of them all.

I saw a mission. Tens of thousands of sets will be shipped from there to Chabad emissaries in Israel and throughout the world to supply numerous Jews who will perform the mitzvah over arba'at haminim.

I saw simplicity. The more technology advances, the more the simple message of Sukkot becomes more subversive and revolutionary, yet inviting: The Sukkah and arba'at haminim "compel" us to go out once a year for an encounter with nature, with what grows, with heaven and earth. To touch, to smell, to build, to experience.

You too are invited to the arba'at haminim market!

Have a happy holiday.


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