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The world’s most famous menorah continues to dispel the darkness

החנוכייה הכי מפורסמת בעולם

* Translation by Yehoshua Siskin ([email protected])

This is perhaps the most famous menorah in the world. Just before the Nazis rose to power, it was lit by members of the Posner family in the German city of Kiel. As they lit this menorah on their windowsill, through the window they saw the flag of the Nazi party. Rachel Posner, the family matriarch, wrote about this as follows: ‘The flag says “Yehuda will die.” The Hanukkah lights say: “Yehuda will live forever.”

The Hanukkah lights were right. The Nazis were destroyed while the light of Yehuda continues to shine. The menorah survived and was donated by the family to Yad Vashem.

Each Hanukkah, members of the Posner family bring out this menorah and light it. And last night, the offspring of Rachel Posner — who are serving in the IDF in Gaza — lit this menorah there.

The eternal light that defeated the Nazis will certainly defeat Hamas as well. We will continue to add to the light that invariably dispels the darkness. Happy Hanukkah.


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