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The Main Thing Remains

צילום: פלאש90

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

What have we gotten out of this Pesach holiday? I know very few people who bought new clothes or shoes for the holiday. Many did not manage to get a haircut. None of us are going to a hotel in Israel or abroad and we have not been invited to visit anyone. We are deprived of almost all the familiar goodies: holiday coupons, Pesach gifts, new housewares, jewelry and the wonderful array of items we buy to enhance our holiday experience.

So what are we getting out of Pesach this year? Pesach itself. In this strange and difficult time, we are left with Pesach itself. With the festival of freedom. Yes, it is difficult to be alone, to celebrate without all those we are accustomed to having around us. But tonight, despite everything, no matter the external circumstances - it's the night that we left Egypt. This is the main thing. There are four central mitzvot tonight: telling the story of the Exodus from Egypt (reading the Haggadah), eating matzah, eating marror, and drinking four cups of wine. The coronavirus can deprive us of many things. But it will never take this holiday away from us.

Have a kosher and happy Pesach!


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