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THE Leader

צילום: פלאש90

The Labor party primary elections, the negotiations to reach unity within the political right wing - we seemingly keep on talking about leadership. Today, the 7th of Adar, is the Yahrzeit of THE leader, Moshe Rabbenu. His burial place is not known, we have no grave to visit, but thousands of years after his passing, this great leader does not stop influencing us and shaping our lives. Moshe could have stayed in Pharaoh's palace, but he went out to his suffering brethren. He was a stutterer and didn't look for a leadership role, but he proved that one can lead even without charisma - through the power of faith, prayer and a sense of mission. He did not stop connecting the people to G-d, and tried to get the two sides closer together for 40 years, until the people reached their promised destination. But he himself never heard the words "you have reached your destination". He only showed us what a merit it is to enter Eretz Israel, because he himself did not merit that. He did not put himself in the center, but rather the ideal, the idea. And finally, this ideal is called after him till our very day - Torat Moshe (Moshe's Torah).

On a person's Yahrzeit it is customary to learn from his books. Today, every verse that we read in the Torah will be for the iluy neshama (elevation of the soul) of Moshe Rabbenu.


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