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The Holiday of Sigd

חג הסיגד, יהדות אתיופיה
צילום: פלאש90

How long has it been since Yom Kippur? Thanks to the Olim from Ethiopia, every year we get a reminder, and the time does not just pass by without our noticing it. The Holiday of Sigd is celebrated 50 days after Yom Kippur. Seven weeks have passed since Kol Nidrei, since the Ne'ilah prayer. On this day, the Ethiopian Jewry gathers for a day of fasting, self-renewal and soul searching, a day of renewing the covenant and praying for redemption, a day of remembering those who died on the long journey to Jerusalem. All of us, from all different Jewish ethnicities, can be blessed by this important reminder. What did we promise to ourselves 50 days ago, and are we in the right direction? And where are we, in our private and collective journey towards a better world?


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