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The 7th of Adar: Five elements

משה רבינו - ז' באדר

* Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

Today is the 7th of Adar. What is the significance of this date and how should it be observed?

1. This is the day that Moshe Rabbeinu was born as well as the day he passed away. Notice that when we say his name, we declare that he is the rabbi of all of us. Moshe Rabbeinu (Moshe our rabbi).

2. Moshe Rabbeinu did not only teach us Torah, but served as an example for us through his actions and strength of character. He could have remained in Pharaoh's palace, in comfortable surroundings, but he chose to go out to his suffering brethren and be there for them. He had a speech impediment and initially refused to accept his mission, but he proved that it's possible to be a leader even if you stutter, as long as you have an uplifting message of truth.

3. Did he fulfill his life's mission? Yes, but it was through us. He led us for 40 years in the desert, but he did not merit to enter the Land of Israel himself. Instead, he left to us the privilege of fulfilling his prophecies.

4. On the day of someone's passing, it is customary to study his books. However, it could be said that anything we study from the Torah and its commentaries, no matter which book we open, bears the mark of Moshe Rabbeinu and will assist in his soul's ascent.

5. Since it's not known where Moshe Rabbeinu is buried, the anniversary of his death has become a day of remembrance for all those who fell in Israel's wars but did not have or have not yet had a proper burial. This is the day to remember Hadar Goldin, Oron Shaul, and other dear souls who are still missing or being held captive.

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