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Statements from the wounded that give us strength

יהונתן בן חמו

* Translation by Yehoshua Siskin ([email protected])

Here are two uplifting statements heard during my visit to the rehabilitation department at Sheba Medical Center near Tel Aviv.

Amichai Shindler, who lost both of his hands when he rescued Kibbutz Kerem Shalom, said with a smile: “I am waiting to get prosthetics for my hands so that I can hug my children.”

Yehonatan Ben Hamo, who lost his leg to an RPG missile in Gaza, said: “Have you heard this familiar declaration? ‘I came to give strength and left strengthened.’ That’s what I try to do for whoever visits me. To strengthen them. I also have a job which is to give strength and reassurance to all the newly wounded who arrive here.”

These statements are examples of the strong spirit found among the wounded and their families. They have endured much hardship and pain, yet are highly optimistic about improvement of their situations as they display hope, a love for life, and humor too.

(Thank you to Yaakov Bible from the "Or HaChayim" publishing house, who initiated the visit. "I think we give out enough donuts for Hanukkah, let's give out books," he told me, so we arrived there today with hundreds of books, Hanukkah gifts for so many heroes. Thank you to Shimi Geshayed and Orna Shalomoff and the entire "Rachshei Lev" organization, thank you to the dedicated medical staff in all departments at Sheba and to Prof. Amos Toren for a fascinating conversation. May we hear good news)

עמיחי שינדלר


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