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Seeing the Pain, Looking It in the Eyes

צילום: איתן אסרף

Seeing the pain and looking it in the eyes: this is what needs to be done now, even though it is much easier to repress it. The following short text, written by Rabbi Erez Moshe Doron, sums up the whole story, in my opinion:

"Usually, we seek distraction, consolation. But on Tish'a B'Av we are called upon to notice the sorrow, the imperfect reality. Not to escape from it, not to do everything in our power just not to hurt, as in the pleasure-seeking culture of the West. Yes, there is bad in the world, there is bitterness. And we do not only seek consolation, temporary relief, but rather full redemption, corrected, perfect reality. This is the time of year in which we are called upon to fight for the world, to fight for the situation of Am Yisrael, which is supposed to be totally different. It is not for naught that in the Jewish sources it is said that when one goes up to the Heavenly Court, one is asked: 'Were you expecting salvation?' That is, did you really want a change? Did you believe it was possible to correct reality? Did you try to improve things? Were you hurting because of the situation? We tend to yearn for the most only when it comes to property and money. At this time of year, we yearn for the most when it comes to joy, inner peace, spirituality, Torah and sanctity."


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