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Sderot resident on vacation offers: "Thanks but no thanks."‏

מיטל ובנה מלאכי, הלילה בממ"ד בשדרות
Translation by Yehoshua Siskin
Meital Galor, a mother of four in Sderot, wrote me the following from her safe room:
"Thanks for the concern, but no. I do not want to go on a vacation. Not in the North and not in Eilat. I am happy for everyone who is going away to relax and refresh, but my home is in Sderot and it's my anchor. I chose to live here and here is where I want to be. I am not looking for a respite from the noise and the rockets since I understand that the borders of the Land of Israel protect the entire country. When the borders are breached, all of us need to be concerned, including you. There is no difference between the Gaza periphery and Tel Aviv. The border protects all of us and it needs to be guarded.
Coexistence? Gladly, but only with those who are committed, first of all, to "Thou shalt not murder." I cannot coexist with murderers. That's also our border. There is a most important border between fake coexistence and the simple truth.
And the tears I am crying these days? And the prayers? And the psalms? They have no border or limit. They are not only for me but for the entire nation of Israel. For our far away brethren in the Diaspora; for the medical teams and security forces wherever they may be; for our leaders and decision makers -- that they may receive proper guidance and insight; for the little children and their mothers who worry about them in safe rooms; and mostly for our complete redemption -- that it may mercifully come soon.
And until then, thanks for the invitation, but no thanks. I am in Sderot, here and now, for all of us."


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