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Regarding Chaim Har Kesef z"l, of blessed memory

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

I did not know Chaim Har Kesef who was killed the day before yesterday on Highway 6, but I learned about several things from his story, namely:

1. The beautiful face of this country. Chaim, a resident of Bnei Brak, was a dedicated volunteer with three emergency services: Magen David Adom, United Hatzalah, and HaShomrim. Over the years, he saved many lives. He also founded Achrayoot, an organization that teaches people how to manage their money in a balanced manner so that they do not end up in perpetual overdraft. During the past year, we heard about Bnei Brak residents in a less positive context. People like Chaim, however, generally do not speak into microphones, but they are there, in all population sectors, and hold our society together.

2. The caution we must display to prevent traffic accidents is still a matter of life and death. We were preoccupied during the past year with questions of life and death, but only surrounding the coronavirus. How much we needed to be

vigilant, to keep proper distance, to be appropriately concerned. But the virus of traffic accidents is still here. Will we, heaven forbid, hear about more such tragedies during the Pesach holiday? That depends on us, and on our behavior on the highways.

3. Life and death are in the hands of WhatsApp. Chaim's wife, Revital, heard about the accident through a WhatsApp group. Someone shared the information haphazardly, and she reacted in shock. An era in which all of us who surf the Internet have become reporters, wanting to be first to break the news -- is extremely dangerous. Families who lost loved ones tragically will forever recall those moments in which they heard the news. How these grieving families first hear such news is in our hands.

The above is dedicated to the recovery of Na'amah bat Revital Sarah, the daughter of Chaim, who was critically injured in the accident.

May we hear only good news.


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