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Precisely with His Character Traits

הנתיבות שלום - רבי שלום נח ברזובסקי
מאת שמשון ויס - נוצר על ידי מעלה היצירה, CC BY-SA 4.0,

The following short excerpt was sent to me by someone who said that it changed his life. And this is what he wrote:

How do we treat our failures, our less-successful parts, are bad character traits? The character traits that we got are not by accident, are not an error in production. They are our Tikkun, our mission. And here is the short excerpt, wonderful things that the Netivot Shalom wrote about Yitzchak's attitude toward Esau, and about his hope to change him. After all, Yitzchak blessed Esau and tried to draw him back to the right path:

'From this Portion, in which Yitzchak wanted to fix Esau by having him elevate the character trait of a killer and channel it into Avodat HaShem (worship of G-d), we must learn that every person is born with his own character traits that are unique to him. There are those who are born with very bad, harsh traits, but in truth - all traits, even those of murderers, were given to them so that they would elevate them. Each person has a destiny and a special role for which he came down to the world. This, the reason why G-d created so many people is obvious, and each one of these people have a different character trait, because each one has a special destiny and role, and it is precisely with these character traits that he can fulfill his unique destiny'.

If it is true about Esau, it is surely true about us.


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