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Part of a Bigger Story

הרב עדין אבן ישראל שטיינזלץ

It is not easy to find peace of mind. Yaacov Avinu wants to finally live in peace, but once again, another turbulent story begins in the Portion: Yosef and his brothers, Yosef's coat of many colors, his dreams, his being sold to Egypt. Our Sages write in regards to this that "the righteous have no rest". That is, the righteous have peace of mind and inner stability, but they do not have times of static rest without any trials and challenges. This is probably part of the life of a great person.
Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz explains it this way: "Everyone in this world sells peace of mind, be it advertisers or different kinds of therapists. There are also those who think that entering the world of Judaism is entering a world that is all peaceful. It is true that the Torah and Mitzvot grant us peace and confidence, they give a solution to the maze of life, but it is not that simple. After all, falling down and rising up are part of the growth process. Having doubts is part of the bigger story. The Eskimos have about 60 different words to define snow, and the Jews have many words to the concept of 'a question' (שאלה, קושיה, תהיה). G-d does not promise us life devoid of doubts, difficulties and questioning. When I tell a person to come closer to Judaism, I do not promise them a life free of questions. I suggest to them that they should solve small questions in order to give rise to bigger questions."


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