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Nussbaum's scoop

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

When do we retire? I read a fascinating discussion recently about when the Levites who sang in the Holy Temple ceased to participate in the Divine service that was held there each day. According to some commentators, it was their voice rather than their age that determined when they retired. They could continue to sing in the Holy Temple choir as long as their voice was good. But even when their voice was not good enough to sing perfectly, the nation continued to enjoy their talents even as they transitioned to other activities (as musicians, teachers and doorkeepers at the Holy Temple gates).

And from the holy to the mundane: Our commentators learned from this that regarding every area of human endeavor, it is incumbent upon a nation to fully utilize the talents of all its members, regardless of their age.

Moshe Nusbaum, 68 years old, a veteran journalist and police reporter, has been speaking more slowly lately. This week he shared that he suffers from ALS, a degenerative nerve disease. He will continue to broadcast, but in a lower gear. Among the thousands of his reports, this was perhaps the most significant and stunning scoop in the career of Nussi (yes, this is what he is called among us journalists): teaching us that even in an era that's all about appearances and ratings, it's possible to acquire a little patience and provide space on the television screen to someone who is coping valiantly with a gradual loss of speech. The world does not only belong to the young, but also to the experienced veterans.

And the answer to the question I am now repeatedly asked is "Sarah." For the purpose of prayers recited on his behalf, his name is Moshe ben Sarah. Refuah Shlema.


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