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No more strife

הודעות על פיוס

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

Ever since Purim, I have been waiting for the chance to write about this subject again. At that time, I wrote about an unpleasant personal dispute where the other side took initiative and came to our door with mishloach manot (traditional Purim gift of food and drink). Immediately the tension between us disappeared; the fight was over.
Following that post, I received many messages from people who decided to bring mishloach manot to the door of friends who had become adversaries. It worked. I am attaching pictures of two examples of such reconciliation that were sent to me, cases where long-term controversy ended when someone decided to rectify the situation.
Perhaps this week we could work this magic again. In the Korach Torah portion that we will read in Israel on Shabbat, a tragic rebellion is described: Out of jealousy and the pursuit of honor, Korach and his company challenge the authority of Moshe and Aharon, whereupon Moshe desperately tries to make peace with the rebels. What is the message for us? The Torah tells us: "Don't be like Korach and his company."
It would seem that this is an appropriate week to distance ourselves from Korach's path and put an end to all lingering controversy and strife.
May we all achieve success in this endeavor.


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