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Leaving Egypt

צילום: פלאש90

A dramatic statement - but a real one, appears in this week's Portion: Enough of slavery and dictatorship! This world is not haphazard, it has a purpose, and every person is created in the image of G-d and is meaningful and significant. The following lines, posted yesterday by Dr. Moshe Ratt, sound like an excellent soundtrack for the Exodus of Egypt:

You were not born -
But rather, you were sent into the world.
You will not die -
But rather, you will go back home.
Not by chance -
But rather, as a part of a plan.
Not in order to have fun -
But rather, to build and understand.
Not alone -
But rather, under personal Providence.
Things do not happen to you -
But rather, your path is pre-planned.
You were not messed over -
But rather, you chose by yourself.
You are not a dust speck in the wind -
But rather, for you, the world was created.


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