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In memory of Eyal

* Translation by Yehoshua Siskin ([email protected])

Tiferet Twito, one of the first volunteers to assist in “The Daily Portion” project, wrote me last night as follows:

“My brother-in-law, Eyal Mevorach Twito, fell in battle last week in Khan Yunis. I wanted to say something about his radiant personality.

A few years ago, Eyal went on a year-long mission to Baltimore in the United States. It was important for him to illuminate Jews of the Diaspora with the light of Torah emanating from the land of Israel.

Yesterday Matanya, who was a Shaliach (emissary) at the same Baltimore school as Eyal, told us how devastated members of that community were to hear about Eyal’s fate since he had touched so many souls.

The attached photograph is one of many that were on display in his memory throughout the Jewish schools in Baltimore. Next to a picture of Eyal, there are seeds that children took home to plant in honor of Tu Bishvat and also to become part of the magnificent Jewish story — by transforming tragedy into growth.

Matanya ended his visit to us with these words:

‘Because of the coronavirus, Eyal’s mission in the United States was cut short and he had to return to Israel in the middle.

Last Tuesday when he fell in battle, Eyal completed the mission that he began four years ago. He connected the children in Baltimore to his values in a more profound way than he ever could have dreamed.’”

Condolences to dear Tiferet and to her family. May we merit — in Israel and the entire world — to see the dreams of Eyal come true.



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