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In His Memory

מצבת הרב שטיינמן זצ"ל

It has been exactly one year since the passing of Rabbi Aharon Leib Steinman, at the age of 104, on Hanukkah Eve. Many stories were published about his wisdom and Torah learning, about his sensitivity and perseverance, but the most resounding message he left for us is embodied by the way in which he chose to leave this world: a poignant lesson of humility and truth. In the picture you can see his tombstone, and on it are engraved the words that he had asked for in his will: "Here is buried R' Aharon Yehudah Leib". His family members and relatives were forced to order such a simple tombstone, without titles such as: "The great Gaon", "The Tzaddik", "Maran", "The generation's Posek", "Rosh Yeshivah", etc. Even without the word Rabbi. Because to the next world we go as we really are, without the titles and human superlatives. Most readers have a grandfather or a great-grandfather with a tombstone that is much more flattering than this one,  that of a man whose funeral had about 200,000 people. We can write a lot about it, but perhaps it is more proper that we should stay silent.


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