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How do you make a revolution?


Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

How do you change the world? What was the most urgent matter prior to our Exodus from Egypt? Rabbi Moshe-Zvi Neria.wrote about this moment as follows: "It's the way of the world that in days of radical change and revolution, everyone is swept up by what is going on outside. Personal matters are pushed off, family life is neglected, no one thinks that this is the time to prioritize what happens inside, within the home."
During tumultuous times, people go out into the streets for demonstrations and protests. They attend large rallies in the city center since that is where the important things are happening. But the Exodus from Egypt -- which changed the entire world -- transpired differently. At the height of that dramatic event, we are ordered to gather in our homes for the first Seder.
"Each family, individually, is required to eat at home," Rabbi Neria continues. "Even public figures must leave the masses temporarily for the sake of the first family feast, a majestic occasion that celebrates the coming liberation. In order for the nation to achieve true freedom, peace, and stability at large, there must first be stability in private, at home."
The greatest revolution in human history began around the dining room table.


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