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Hot off the press: We are human

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

Sefi Algabish is a school guidance counselor who wrote the following to me:

"I do not believe that this happened to me. Close your eyes and try to recall that moment when you had already spent several hours with your young kids, they had driven you out of your mind, and after you reacted over and over again with patience and sensitivity you decided that you would finally let it out.

So today, in the middle of a Zoom conference for guidance counselors that dealt with our schools' climate of sensitivity and inclusion, I decided to call my kids and let them know what I thought about the mess they always make at home. I screamed and scolded and lost my temper, but I forgot to turn off my Zoom microphone so not only did my children hear the screams but dozens of guidance counselors, too, my professional colleagues. Only when the conference moderator turned to me and requested that I turn off my microphone did I understand the seriousness of the incident. In the middle of a conference that dealt with sensitivity and inclusion towards our precious children, I did the absolute opposite.

What do we make of this? That we are human. It seems to me that this is the most important message during the corona era - when we get up and fall down a hundred times a day. Bridging the gap between theory and practice is the essence of life. Our entire purpose is to bring idealistic values down to earth and to actually live them. If only. For if I am embarrassed when people hear me screaming that way outside my home perhaps I am not supposed to scream that way inside it.

But now that this has happened, I need to turn all the nice words about inclusion, love, and judging favorably towards myself, and not judge myself too harshly either".


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