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He Does Not Stop Talking

הפסוק "כבד פה וכבד לשון אנוכי"

Today's "Daily Portion" was sent to me by Yosef Knappelmacher, school principal of the Netivot Moshe School in Kadima:

"Yesterday you wrote that Moshe was an 'anti-leader', but in my opinion this is not a problem; to the contrary, it harbors a deep message. Here is an idea which parents and students hear from me all the time, one which they already know by heart. I found it in the book of Rabbi Shlomo Lewinstein. Moshe Rabbenu was slow of speech, and of a slow tongue. Let's imagine a boy who was born and cannot speak and express himself, and all the more so, not in public. What kind of thoughts go through his parents' hearts? They tell themselves: What will his future look like? How will he grow, develop and start a family? What will become of him? But in contrast to this, what does the Torah show us? That Moshe Rabbenu, whom one could hardly understand a single thing he said, became the biggest icon in leadership, known to all of humanity. He became the master prophet, he brought down Torah from the heavens, and in fact, he has not stopped talking to us even until this very day...

"This is very empowering for children with learning disabilities and for parents of children with attention deficit and behavior disorders. We do not run the world. The initial diagnosis of a disorder does not tell the future in an absolute way. Every time someone fails and feels that he cannot and is unable to succeed, I look at him and I am reminded of Moshe Rabbenu".


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