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From now until Seder Night

הרבי מלובביץ' חמץ

* Translated by Janine Muller Sherr

This year I’ve received countless requests and questions about Pesach. It seems to me that there are so many people who wish to make Pesach more meaningful for themselves and their families.

So I’m organizing the order (making a “seder”) of customs and laws that are practiced between now and Pesach:

- From now until Monday night, we clean and prepare for Pesach both physically and spiritually. I encourage you to listen to less news and more songs and classes about Pesach as we approach the Chag.

- Please don’t forget to sell your Chametz (You can do so online; there are websites that explain the entire procedure.)

- Tonight (Sunday night) we conduct the Search for Chametz (Bedikat Hametz): we hide ten pieces of wrapped chametz throughout our home and search for them. According to custom, this search is carried out by the light of a candle and is preceded by a blessing and followed by another prayer. This prayer can be found in the Haggadah, the Peach machzor, and also online.

- On Monday morning, we are permitted to eat chametz until 10:25 am if you’re in Israel. Check for the time you should stop eating chametz wherever you are in the world. We also do Biur Chametz, in which we burn the pieces of chametz we collected the night before along with any remaining chametz. (This should take place around 11 am in Israel). There is also a special prayer we recite after Biur Chametz.

- While it is not an actual halacha (law), it is recommended to eat something and take a nap (so that you are not too hungry or tired later). Remember: a very important night is coming, and we need to be ready.

- The Seder will take place on Monday night. May it be a meaningful night of prayer, salvation, and with God’s help, good news for all.


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