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Douze points for Shabbat

נרות שבת
מנדי הכטמן, פלאש90

nd so said Rebbetzin Yemima Mizrachi in her weekly shiur, in reference to EuroVision (a big European song contest that will be held this year in Israel, this coming Saturday night. Preparations for this contest will sadly involve Shabbat violations):

"So what do we do, faced with the mass, state-level Shabbat violations? Should we fight? Should we spar? No. So what should we do? We ourselves should observe shabbat more. We will show the world how important and precious it is to us. There are so many initiatives on the ground, and each of us can do it. We can dress even nicer this Shabbat, invite one more guest this Shabbat, cook yet another dish, light the candles a few minutes earlier, in peace. And sing. Sing together more and more Shabbat songs, which themselves are our music and culture. Douze Point for the Shabbat songs.
"We do not go out against people. We go out for the Shabbat. We remind the world that it is not a weekend, it is a weekstart, that it is the source of the blessing, that it is us. Indeed, the purpose of the Shabbat is not war. The purpose of Shabbat is - peace."


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