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Days of Favor

Over 1000 resolutions were sent to me since yesterday, following the request made by Shira, the mother of the girl Rina Schnerb HY"D, who was murdered in a terror attack last Friday. Shira told us how her daughter was preoccupied recently because of the "smart" phones, which make us dumb. She asked that anyone who would like to do something for the iluy neshamah of Rina, should start in this area and tell her about their initiative. And so, many parents told us that during the evening hours they stayed away from the phone and focused on their children. They also wrote in their personal status that they are simply not available right now. Teens left many WhatsApp groups or even closed them altogether. A whole class of Bnei Akiva kids decided to start using "dumb phones" instead, and a few families made, together, a cellular box - a predefined place in which to put away their device when they enter their home. But beyond all these acts, I was surprised by the main reaction which was always along the lines of: "Wow, I so wanted to do something like this, but Rina’s mother gave me the last push." That is, mostly, we know well what we want and need to do, we only find it hard to turn this into practice.

Next Shabbat the month of Elul will begin, and these days - until Yom Kippur, are termed "Days of Favor". Our Sages explain that this is a special time every year in which it is easier for us to find out what our real desire is and to actualize it, in all areas. This is the time to begin.


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