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Continual Choices

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

These words are being written from a broadcast studio in Israel after a full night of live election coverage. The elections are over, we chose another Knesset, but not all our choices have been made. Millions of Israelis made a political choice, and this is important, not only do we make choices when we vote, but rather in everything choice we make each moment of every day. Alongside the political commentary we have heard in recent days, here is a small item regarding the continual choices that we make. And so the Rambam writes:

"Free will is granted to everyone. If one desires to turn himself to the path of good and be righteous, the choice is his. Should he desire to turn to the path of evil and be wicked, the choice is his. There is no one who compels him, sentences him, or leads him towards either of these two paths. Rather, he, on his own initiative and decision, tends to the path he chooses. This principle is a fundamental concept and a pillar of the entire Torah and of every mitzvah. . . This is known without any doubt: that a person's actions are in his own hands".

May we all make good choices.


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