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Chodesh Tov

When the month of Adar begins, we increase joy, and it begins today! So Adar Alpeh and Adar Bet are supposed to be especially joyful 60 days. The American psychologist, Dr. Sol Herzig, wrote a poignant article titled "Six Simple Strategies for Achieving Misery". Here are the most tested, proven strategies you can employ to NOT achieve joy:

1. Cling to Entitlement. Always feel that you are entitled, that life owes you, that you were born to receive. Always look for the injustice in that others have somethings that you do not, and do not agree to any concession or compromise.

2. It's all Personal. Always suppose that everything was done with evil intention. Always try to find malicious intent and seize every opportunity to see it as the conclusive proof that you do not matter to others.

3. Focus on Problems. Keep careful track of all your problems, and constantly review them. Nurture the attitude that you can't really move on to anything unless everything is resolved first.

4. Magnify Everything. Do not cheat yourself out of misery by maintaining perspective. Try to cultivate negative thinking in respect to every mistake or mishap and magnify it, without allowing for regret or forgiveness.

5. Expect Catastrophe. It is important to remember that terrible, horrible things might happen any minute, and to let your imagination run wild - diseases, disasters, terror attacks - do not let anything surprise you. Be alert.

6. Just say NO THANKS to Gratitude. Take everything you have received in life as a given, without thanking those who caused it. Try to focus your thinking on what you do not have, rather than on what you do have.

And after you adopt - or rather do not adopt - these 6 pieces of advice, may you have a joyful, good month. Chodesh Tov!


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