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Are You Joining the Round?

מצטרפים לסבב של צורי

"We would be very happy if as many people as possible would know about 'Tzuri's Round', and do it already this Shabbat", this is the message that I received from the family members of Tzuri Har-Tov Z"L, who passed away about a month ago, suddenly, from cardiac arrest. "Our father ran the family Shabbat table in a very special way. Every Shabbat he held a round with all the people around the table, and each of them shared a meaningful experience that they experienced that week. He didn't let anyone pass up their turn, and used to say: 'You surely have something good to share. If you search well, you'll find.' There has never been someone who didn't find a positive, important event that they experienced, to share with everyone. We learned that there is no such thing as a grey, routine week. There are always some special moments. We learned that everyone is happy to have an opportunity to express themselves. We learned to change our way of thinking and to look for such events ahead of time, during the week. And through this we learned a lot about others, about experiences and events in their lives that we wouldn't have known about otherwise. A few days after the Shabbat in which we read for the first time in the Torah 'Remember the Shabbat day to keep it holy', we ask you to spread the idea about this round in memory of our father, so that other families will merit to have precious moments of joy and sharing."


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